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Let’s work together to grow the next generation of happy, confident food explorers!

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We don’t just help kids learn to like foods.  We create fun, memorable experiences that build positive food relationships to last a lifetime.

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Hi! I’m Dani.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, author, and early childhood education advocate

As a nutrition expert with 16+ years of experience and degrees in both food science and health communications, sharing my passion for food and nutrition is one of the things I love to do.  From kids to adults, I offer workshops, speaking engagements, and live learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of every audience.

I focus on creating transformative, inclusive learning experiences with a focus on health equity from a food and body positive lens.

Let’s explore how I can support your organization!

What we bring to the table

Kid-Centric Approach

Our resources and activities are designed to build kids confidence and competence with hands-on learning and fun food play.


Parent-First Mentality

As parents ourselves, we appreciate the challenges that come with child nutrition and can connect with our audience in an authentic way.


Science-Backed Support

With a foundation in human nutrition, our content isn’t just fun, it’s also rooted in the latest research on children’s health and wellness.


Tailored Educational Experiences

Each workshop and accompanying resources is thoughtfully crafted with the
needs of each unique audience in mind.

A taste of what we could do together

Here’s a peek at the different kinds of workshops I host for different audiences.  Have another topic in mind?  Just reach out! I’d love to work with you to bring it to life!

Looking for more personalized support? I’m here to help guide you with your feeding challenges. Workshops may be offered via one-on-one coaching and tailored to your individual needs. Let’s chat about how I can support you best!

For Kids

Help your kiddos explore new foods with a growth mindset through interactive and *FUN* teachable moments! My child-led approach to food education is tailored to the ages and abilities of the participants. Let’s have some fun and get hands on with food!

Example Kids Workshops

  • Becoming A Food Explorer: Adventures in Food with STEAM Activities
  • Becoming a Food Explorer: My 5 Senses and Taste-testing
  • Let’s Pack! Learn How to Pack your Own Lunch!
  • Cooking and Kitchen Skill Building Workshop
For Families

Our workshops for parents are designed to educate and empower parents on how to raise adventurous eaters. Learn practical tips and tools to help your kiddos develop a positive relationship with food that will serve them their whole lives. 

Example Family Workshops

  • Growing Adventurous Eaters: Changing Your Mindset Around the Table and Beyond
  • Transforming Picky Eating: Understanding Your Child and What They Need to Become Confident, Competent Eaters
  • Stress to Success, Mealtime Strategies for Busy Parents
  • Let’s Pack! How to Teach Your Kids to Pack Their Lunchbox – and eat it too!
  • How-to Mealtime: Tools For Quick, Easy, Nutrient Dense Meals
    Kid-friendly Kitchen Prep
  • Cooking Workshops and Kitchen Skills
For Educators

Interested in incorporating food and body positive approaches into your teaching curriculum?  I’m here to help and can offer expert tips and guidance for creating the supportive environment you’re looking for!

Example Educator Workshops

  • Red Light, Green Light: ‘Evidenced-Based’ Nutrition Education Failing Today’s Youth
  • Building Food Trust and Body Trust with Inclusive Food Education in Early Childhood
  • The Science of Child Development Meets Food Education: Using an Integrative STEAM Approach to Teaching Kids About Food
  • Celebrating Diversity: Facilitating Conversations About Diversity through Food Play
For Companies and Corporations

Think our workshops would be a great resource for your company and employees?  Let’s work together to empower your team to raise happy, healthy, confident kids!

Example Corporate Workshops

  • Navigating Feeding Challenges for kids 0-12
  • Teach in-service for how to talk about food and bodies
  • Transforming Picky Eating: Understanding Your Child and What They Need to Become Confident, Competent Eaters

Businesses we’ve partnered with

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We can’t wait to collaborate!

All collaborations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  To work with us, please complete the form with some details about your event and your vision for the workshop.  We’ll follow up within 5-7 business days.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to see what we can do together!