Get your kids excited about their food!

Our books, activities, and interactive food education tools are everything you need to turn those “yucks” into “yums.”

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I’ve learned a lot about feeding little ones through & it’s helped me let go of a lot of stress and pressure for meal time. 🙌🙌



I love this book SO much! It embodies everything I want my kids to know with food.

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I wanted to share with you what a great win I had with my 5 year old and it’s all thanks to you! I asked if she wanted to be a food explorer with yellow bell peppers and she got so excited. I pulled out the vegetable journal and used all your tips to describe it using the 5 senses. She loved it so much she wanted to try a red bell pepper too! 



I have a very picky eater and your ideas and information have helped me kept going with exposures even if he doesn’t eat them. Plus I’ve learnt so much that I didn’t know about various foods!