Where Do Bananas Come From? A Book of Fruits

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4+ years


Embark on a journey to discover new fruits with Where do Bananas Come From? A Book of Fruits as your guide. Packed with over 60 types of fruit to explore, this playfully illustrated fruit guide for kids is a great way to introduce new fruits to your child or rediscover old favorites in a fun, pressure-free way.

Learn about how each fruit grows, the different ways they nourish our bodies, kid-friendly recipes to test out, and so much more.

By approaching fruit with a sense of curiosity, you invite your child to investigate new foods and encourage them to give them a try, no bribery required!

This book is perfect for engaging little minds and tummies around:

πŸ“– Reading comprehension
🌱 Plant biology
πŸ‘„ Vocabulary building
🀚 Sensory exploration
πŸ’ͺ Body chemistry and nutrients