My Fruit Adventures: A Journal for Food Discovery and Exploration Using Your 5 Senses

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Do you have a favorite food? My Fruit Adventures, a colorful, guided journal based on the book Where Do Bananas Come From? is designed to help you discover yours!

Let your fruit exploration begin with worksheets that spark self-discovery, creative activities, and fun facts. Grow your interest in food through hands-on learning and taste-test experiments that use your five senses. Plus, there is a 100-word glossary to help you describe what you eat.

This journal invites you to explore fruit by helping your kids write down their thoughts, drawing about their experiences, creating recipes, and answering questions such as, “How do you choose what new fruit to try next?” It’s the perfect tool to guide your budding foodie or picky eater. Showing them how to be led by their senses and encourages observation, curiosity, and creativity.

Help your Kid Food Explorer learn about what they like to eat in a way that is fun and pressure-free. Now, put your Food Explorer hat on and get ready to experience delicious!