My Food Explorer Mat – Educator Bundle (Digital Download)

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If you’re looking to transform a picky eater to an adventurous diner, then these Food Explorer mats are for you!

This hands-on, taste-testing tool will transform mealtime and grow adventurous eaters through sensory exploration and mindfulness. Taking a pause to slow down, engage with food, and check-in with ourselves creates an opportunity to learn about our taste buds and texture preferences.

The “My Food Explorer Mat” is designed as a tool to experiment with new foods or explore old favorites. The “My Food Explorer Comparison Mat” is intended to nurture adventurous palates by comparing the same food prepared two different ways (such as raw broccoli or roasted broccoli); comparing different varieties of the same food (such as a granny smith apple and a red delicious apple); comparing two completely different foods (such an apple and a banana).

This listing is for instant downloadable and printable files. Download includes:

  • My Food Explorer Mat
  • My Food Explorer Comparison Mat
  • Educators Toolkit with guided lessons

**PLEASE NOTE: This product is delivered as an automatic download.  No items will be shipped to you as part of this purchase.**