Let’s Explore! My Food Explorer Printed Placemat Bundle

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Get your kiddos excited about food with our limited edition Let’s Explore! My Food Explorer Printed Placemat Bundle!

This bundle includes everything you need to help introduce new foods to your kids and transform even the pickiest eater into a confident food explorer.  It’s a great, pressure-free tool for helping your kids feel more comfortable around new or unfamiliar foods, making meal time more enjoyable and less stressful for the whole family!

Use the laminated food explorer placemat to have your kids explore foods using their five senses.  Then flip it over and use the comparison mat on the other side to compare and contrast different types of the same food (like apple pie to pumpkin pie) or different food preparation methods (like mashed potatoes to homestyle potatoes).

By encouraging your kids to put on their food explorer hats and explore the foods with their senses, it makes trying new foods fun and playful instead of overwhelming or scary.

Need more placemats? No problem!  We give you the digital files so it’s easy to print out extras. Plus, the PDF and video guides are packed with tips and tricks to keep the fun going. Grab a packet of dry erase crayons or markers and watch your kids have a blast exploring new foods with their placemats again and again.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 printed and laminated food explorer mat and comparison mat so you can start exploring right out of the box!
  • a video guide for kids and a separate guide for parents walking you through all the different ways you can use your mats
  • digital files so you can print out more placemats as needed
  • a PDF guide for parents to give you ideas for extending the fun!