Becoming A Food Explorer


Transform Picky Eaters into Fearless Food Explorers!

Is mealtime a battlefield? Tired of the never-ending ‘just try one bite’ saga? End the struggle with Becoming a Food Explorer—a game-changing children’s book expertly crafted by a Pediatric Dietitian for kids ages 3-8.

🍴Key Highlights:

  • Expertly crafted: Authored by a Pediatric Dietitian, this book is grounded in the latest research on feeding children and disordered eating prevention.
  • Educational & empowering: Equip your kids with the tools to identify flavors and textures they love. Foster a growth mindset and culinary curiosity.
  • Body positive: Teach children to tune into their own body’s cues, cultivating a lifelong healthy relationship with food.
  • Family bonding: More than a story, it’s a social-emotional tool that sparks enriching conversations around the dinner table.

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

★ Boosts curiosity: inspires open-minded exploration of the culinary world.

★ Builds confidence: empowers children to make their own food choices.

★ Enhances communication: opens dialogue about individual likes and dislikes.

★ Champions food variety: encourages a love for a diverse range of foods and flavors.

Say goodbye to mealtime struggles and hello to joyful, empowered eating! Instead of focusing on clean plates, make each bite an adventure by celebrating curiosity and unique palates.

Embark on this delicious journey of self-discovery and culinary exploration. Empower your child to trust their instincts and enjoy a healthy, joyful relationship with food starting today!

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What Parents Are Saying



Wish I had this when I was a kid

This book is very healing for me. Along with the free downloads that the author provides, this book creates the framework for exploring food and the experience of eating that fosters curiosity and adventure. I wish I had access to this book as a child as it helps to foster food freedom and a healthy relationship with food.



We own and love every book Dani has written

And this one is no exception! It’s full of research-backed, body-neutral and growth-mindset messages and adorable artwork! I love that it honors the kids being in charge of listening to their bodies to learn about what they need and like in food.

My kids asked lots of questions about each page and enjoy thinking of themselves as adventurous “food explorers.”

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A powerful tool for kids!

I’ve read this book with my kids a few times, the illustrations are beautiful and it is well written… my boys are quite young (4,3 +1) but already has been a powerful tool with my 4 and 3yo. Specifically around their communication of preferences and many pages on the book have given us moments to reflect/discuss topics such as respect, previous food experiences and being brave to try new things!