How to pomegranate

How to Pomegranate: pronounced [pom-ah-gran-it], is a gritty, juicy, seeded, sweet, tart fruit in season from September to January so it’s the perfect time to try them!


The red jewels inside pomegranates are called arils [air-ills]. Arils are the sweet-tart juice that surrounds the small white crunchy seeds. You can try the whole aril or spit out the seed.


Pick yellow to purple or pink to red pomegranates that are consistent in color, plump, round, and heavy for their size. Avoid fruits with mushy spots or broken skin.

Pick the Perfect Pomegranate



Shopping a few days before you will eat the pomegranate? Store the whole fruit in a cool, dry place for up to 14 days or refrigerate up to 2 months in a plastic bag. Refrigerate cut pomegranates or arils for up to 7 days.


Eat  (The best part!)

Clean the skin, then cut off the crown.

Pomegranate: cut off the crown

Crown removed.

Lightly cut the surface (score) the pomegranate skin into quarters being careful not to cut the fruit or your fingers!

Scoring the Pomegranate Surface

Score the pomegranate skin

Scored Pomegranate







Place the cut pomegranate in a bowl of water, then break sections apart.

Break Scored Pomegranate into Sections Break Scored Pomegranate into Sections Break Scored Pomegranate into Sections






Massage the arils out from the skin under the water. This makes the removal of the arils easy and stain free!

Massage pomegranate arils out of the skin under the water


Discard the skin, drain the water and enjoy!

Pomegranate Arils


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How do you pomegranate? Do you prep pomegranate arils differently?


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