We’re on a mission to make food FUN

Because we believe the way to kids’ stomachs is through their hearts and minds.

Our mission is to grow a healthier generation – mind, body, and imagination

At Kid Food Explorers we use the magic of childhood to inspire a love for exploring foods and flavors through hands-on exploration and immersive STEAM experiences that celebrate diversity and boost self-confidence, ensuring that every child feels valued, belongs, and thrives.

What if instead of expecting specific preferences and outcomes, we encouraged kids to explore different foods and flavors? What if instead of clean plates, we celebrated curious palates?

The Food Explorer approach


Our pressure-free approach to food fosters a love of learning and discovery in kids. By exploring food at their own pace without pressure or guilt, kids can learn to listen to their bodies and form positive eating habits!


Our activities put kids in the driver’s seat, allowing them to interact and learn through play. Not only is it a lot of fun, it helps them develop independence and confidence when it comes to food.


From painting with fennel fronds to building watermelon rind race tracks, kids will have a blast discovering all that food can do. Plus, they’ll fine-tune other important skills, like fine motor control and coordination.

What we’re all about