Adventurous eaters are confident and healthy

Creative food-play ideas, STEAM activities, and food-spiration for curious kids

Grow a taste for food from farm to fork

Kids who grow up to be adventurous eaters are confident and healthy. 

The Kid Food Explorers food play and STEAM activity books and resources make learning about food fun. They love to talk about them, explore what to do with them, and learn more about where they came from. And mom, you get to be less stressed about feeding your kids!  

Now you can feel confident you’re doing something good for your kids and mealtimes can be enjoyed together instead of fighting over food.

Food play ideas and STEAM activities that grow confident healthy kids


Learning about food can be fun. Discover how to make food exploration inexpensive and minimize waste.


Food play and learning is more than just cute cut-outs. Create amazing memories by nourishing their mind, body and relationships.


Kids are curious. Some just need a guide to get them started. See your kids’ confidence grow when they’re open to try new foods and experiences with you.

To our surprise, the biggest obstacle to our kids trying new foods was US. WE weren’t branching out by purchasing new fruits or veggies, so our kids were missing out. Or we would think, “the kids probably won’t eat that” so we wouldn’t even attempt to prepare anything new. Dani inspired us to quit that way of thinking by helping us to encourage our kids to try new foods, even if they don’t like them, and exposing our family to different foods we wouldn’t normally purchase on our own. 

– Jenny

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Swap picky eaters for playful adventurous eaters


Everyone can become an adventurous eater. Check out the Kid Food Explorers resources.


Take advantage of teaching in the moment, with activities led by your child. 

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Feel confident and prepared you’re growing an adventurous eater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEAM?

STEAM is the name given to learning that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

What does it mean to be a food explorer?

Food Explorers come in all shapes, sizes, and comfort levels to interacting with new things. Being a Food Explorer is all about having fun, never any pressure to taste things. ⠀

Food Explorers can use their bodies to visit farms and see where food is grown, markets to help pick out new foods to investigate, the forest to learn about foraging, or even in front of a computer screen to discover foods from far away places.⠀

A Food Explorer can:⠀

  • read about a food⠀
  • ‍research a food⠀
  • do science experiments with a food ⠀
  • ‍prepare a food⠀
  • play with a food⠀
  • look at a food⠀
  • listen to a food ⠀
  • touch a food⠀
  • smell a food⠀
  • taste a food⠀
  • And so much more!⠀
What age are your activities and resources for?

Activities are designed for kids ages 2-12. Sensory and motor skill development are available with our littles Kid Food Explorers in mind and some of the more complex STEAM activities are geared towards our older explorers. If you aren’t sure or need modifications, shoot me a message, i’d love to give you inspiration to help shape an activity to meet your families needs!

Does food play take a lot of time?

No, most of the activities I develop are meant to be a teachable moment, integrating the way we interact with food in a fun, meaningful, part of everyday life.

Is it wasteful to play with food?

It depends how you look at it. First, most of the food play, STEAM activities, sensory games, and recipes I develop in a way to minimize waste and use every part of a food. Second, if we reframe the conversation around food play and change our mindset, spending a little money for education and play is something we already do like paper and markers for coloring and activity books on the go – why not make education edible and play with our food!