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Educators, feeding therapists, and food producers, this space is for you!


EDUCATE kids and parents on your food, fruit or vegetable.


PROMOTE food and health literacy to improve the health of our kids.


ACCESS and create interactive food resources promoting active hands-on learning.

What we bring to the table


Build kids confidence with food discovery, hands-on learning, and fun food play.


Guide parents to create amazing teachable moments with pressure-free food exposure.


Develop supportive food education and sensory exploration resources for their clients.


Expertise with influence for brand awareness, education, and fun food integration.

Hi! I’m Dani.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Food Explorer Guide, I love working with kids and their parents and educators. I believe healthy beginnings are the key to life-long health.

I’ve seen it with my own kids; connecting them to where their food comes from and fostering their curiosity about food, helps them taste new foods and learn about their taste buds.

My books and resources bring fun and imagination into teaching kids and their parents about different foods. And provide inspiration and STEAM child-led activities that make use of teachable moments rather than finding time for another activity during the day.


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Women aged 25-44 US & Canada


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Let’s get together

Growing Adventurous Eaters Classes, Kid Food Explorers Programs, Seminars, Workshops, & Videos

Put on your Food Explorer hats and get ready to experience interactive food literacy experiences tailored to adults or kids. Let me help you transform picky eaters to adventurous eaters through hands-on food and sensory exploration tailored to your audience and setting. Make food discovery fun and build confidence in trying new things; it’s okay to play with your food.

Interactive Speaking Engagements

Looking for expert content development and delivery? I love using my expertise and experience to actively engage audiences and educate about food exploration and nutrition. Let’s chat about sensory taste-testing!

Food and Nutrition Expert for Events

Need someone to represent your brand or product at an event? As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience I am available to represent like-minded brands and products at events such as conferences, expos, educational sessions, or culinary demonstrations.

Delicious Content Creation

Seeking content related to childhood nutrition, picky eaters, or food discovery? I love creating copy and media such as videos with positive messaging for food companies, health organizations, and commodity groups that share similar visions. I am available for article or blog writing, webinars, recipe development, video creation, and food photography.

Brand Ambassadorship, Spokesperson, and Promotion 

Have an ingredient, product, or book that is a good fit with my community? I can help expand your reach! Whether you are looking for an expert influencer, product integration, sponsored blog or recipe posts, product reviews, or giveaways, let’s talk about how we can work together to support your brand’s goals and create a valuable, positive partnership.