about kid food explorers

We’re on a mission to make food fun

Because we believe the way to kids’ stomachs is through their hearts and minds.

When it comes to kids and food, it can be complicated

One day they love apples.  The next day they’re gross.

Their food pyramid consists primarily of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and squeezable yogurt.

And that delicious dinner you made?  Forget it.  They won’t touch anything but the rolls.

On top of all of that, society and diet culture feeds them mixed messages about what foods are good and what foods are bad.

You worry about their nutrition.  You bribe, coerce, and threaten consequences just to get them to take a bite of peas.  The mom-guilt is strong when you eventually cave and offer them another pack of fruit snacks just so they’ll eat something. 

Don’t worry, mama.  We’ve been there.

What if instead of expecting specific preferences and outcomes, we encouraged kids to explore different foods and flavors? What if instead of clean plates, we celebrated curious palates?

We approach food differently


Our pressure-free approach to food fosters a love of learning and discovery in kids. By exploring food at their own pace without pressure or guilt, kids can learn to listen to their bodies and form positive eating habits!


Our activities put kids in the driver’s seat, allowing them to interact and learn through play. Not only is it a lot of fun, it helps them develop independence and confidence when it comes to food.


From painting with fennel fronds to building watermelon rind race tracks, kids will have a blast discovering all that food can do. Plus, they’ll fine-tune other important skills, like fine motor control and coordination.

What we’re all about

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dani from kid food explorers

Hey there!  I’m Dani.

I’m the mama and pediatric dietitian behind Kid Food Explorers.

I started Kid Food Explorers because of my own curious palate and passion for food and nutrition education. As a registered dietitian and mom of three, I know firsthand the importance of helping kids form positive eating habits. I also know that it can be tough to get kids interested in trying new foods.

At Kid Food Explorers, we’re all about guiding kids to love a variety of foods. Our food-positive, body-confident approach is rooted in the belief that all foods can fit in a balanced diet. Through food-based play and exploration, we invite kids to explore and develop their own unique taste buds and food preferences so they can grow into confident, adventurous eaters.

Through Kid Food Explorers, I offer fun food education, children’s books, and interactive STEAM activities designed to get kids excited about food. My goal is to empower families to raise kids with curious palates and develop a healthy relationship with food.  Without the frustration and without the guilt.

To learn more about my business journey and why I started Kid Food Explorers, check out this interview!

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to get your kids interested in food, you’ve come to the right place!

Kid-friendly recipes, activities, food exploration, and more!

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