Grow confident, healthy, adventurous eaters

Creative food-play ideas, STEAM activities, and food-spiration for curious kids

Confident healthy adventurous eaters don’t grow on trees.

Often we need to nurture and nourish them to flourish – like tending to a veggie garden. Doesn’t it just feel sometimes like mealtimes are ‘another’ thing to tick off our daily chores list?

We know showing our kids how exciting it is to be a Kid Food Explorer is a great way to nourish their curiosity and help them eat a variety of foods. But finding inspiration and ideas to help share our wonder of food with kids can be hard.

Finding inspiration and resources to grow adventurous eaters should be easy. After all, you’ve got enough to pack into your days!

After using the Kid Food Explorers books and resources, many parents tell me life is totally different.


  • They can sit down and enjoy family mealtimes together
  • They know their kids are developing a positive relationship with food
  • They get to spend quality time together exploring, playing, and learning
  • Their ideas about health and wellbeing are changing too
  • It’s easy to incorporate learning into moments that just happen daily

Food play ideas and STEAM activities that grow confident healthy kids

Kids who grow up to be adventurous eaters are confident and healthy. The Kid Food Explorers food play and STEAM activity books and resources make learning about food fun. They love to talk about them, explore what to do with them, and learn more about where they came from. And mom, you get to be less stressed about feeding your kids!

Inspiring young tastebuds for healthy beginnings

Welcome! I’m Dani.

I’m an early childhood education advocate, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Mom of 3 little sous chefs and taste-testers in training.

I have the same fears and frustrations as you about my kiddos during mealtime: Are they eating? Are they eating enough? Are they getting the nutrition they need? Why won’t they eat? What can I get them to eat?

Well, it’s time to say sayonara to stressful meals and hello to delicious fun when you transform your picky eater through the work of childhood, play!

I love working with kids and their parents and educators as I believe healthy beginnings are the key to life-long health.

I’ve seen it with my own kids; connecting them to where their food comes from and fostering their curiosity about food, helps them taste new foods and learn about their taste buds.

Helping picky eaters become food explorers

Not everyone likes all foods all the time. It comes down to personal preferences and little people have them too.

They’re not being picky or fussy eaters.

Like we teach our kids how to speak, dress themselves and make friends, we often need to show them how to explore and enjoy food. How do we do this? We make learning about food fun, pressure-free and hands-on!

Let’s teach kids of all ages about food exploration using their five senses, create interactive food literacy experiences, and make trying new foods fun, stress-free, and delicious

All you need is someone to guide you

I’ve worked in education for children since I was 15 and now am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and I have a Masters in Health Communication.

My undergraduate degree is in food science. I’m a certified specialist in sports dietetics and certified diabetes care and education specialist.

We all want to raise healthy, happy eaters. That’s why I created this guidebook series, to help parents just like you and me. My mission is to help parents bring hands-on learning and sensory engagement into food education to foster curiosity, transforming picky kids into adventurous eaters.

Are you ready to join me?

Kid Food Explorers come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. And they all have different comfort levels when it comes to interacting with new foods. Being a Food Explorer is all about having fun with food without the pressure.

A Food Explorer can:

Investigate Food

Grow a garden, visit a farm, discover where a food came from, & find varieties.

See Food

Use their eyes to notice the visual qualities of a food & describe it.

Smell Food

Use their nose to notice the aroma of a food & use adjectives to talk about it.

Read About Food

Learn about a food from farm to fork with a storybook or food encyclopedia.

Experiment With Food

Use STEAM activities to engage with food outside of mealtimes & learn more.

Play With Food

Have fun with food from creative cutouts to interactive stories, & silly mustaches.

Listen to Food

Use their ears to focus on the sound a food makes when interacting with it.

Touch Food

Use their hands & mouths to feel the textures of a food & share the experience.

Cook Food

Help in the kitchen & practice different cooking methods to prepare a new food.

Taste Test Food

Use their tastebuds to experience the flavor & textures of a food & talk about it.

My 2 year old son just tried beets for the first time a few days ago, we have them on occasion but this was the first time he tried them! He was hesitant at first but he’s been very much into painting lately so I asked him if he could paint his plate with the beets. This got him touching and playing with them, then I asked him if he wanted to paint his tongue and he thought it was supper funny to have a red tongue. He then “painted” his teeth, which led him to discover that they were sweet and he enjoyed it. He ended up going back for seconds! Thanks for encouraging food play! It has taken a lot of the stress off mealtimes!

– one happy mama

Meet The Team

Meet Mary: Drawing on a love of food

Hi Food Explorers. I’m Mary.

I created the pictures that you find in the Kid Food Explorers books and resources. A picture paints a thousand words, and especially for kids who may not be reading so well. A single photograph or illustration can educate and redefine how people think. I love translating complex topics into fun illustrations for this book series to help parents raise mindful and adventurous eaters.

Meet Brette: Navigating your food adventure

Hi, I’m Brette and I help you navigate your food adventures. 

My nickname growing up was MacGyver which helps explain how I gravitated towards a career that helps people and improves processes. I’m a certified grants management specialist, project management professional, and hold a green belt in lean six sigma. Sometimes you have the right tools to solve a problem and sometimes you need to get creative. As the editor for all things Experience Delicious, I love that the materials are fun, educational, and innovative resources that inspire children and families to be more engaged with their food choices.

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