Grow confident, healthy, adventurous eaters

Creative food-play ideas, STEAM activities, and food-spiration for curious kids

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Do you dream of easy meal times?

Everyone’s talking away, enjoying the food that’s been prepared and catching up on the days’ events. It’s what we all dream of, right?

But instead mealtimes are a time of frustration, anxiety, mess and waste. And for many kids, trying new foods causes a heap of stress and anxiety.

Wait up. Don’t leave the table just yet.

Take the power struggle out of mealtimes by putting your kids in the driver’s seat.

Let me help you turn frustration into fun!

Let me help you turn:

  • Frustration into fun
  • Anxiety into exciting
  • Frustration into fascination
  • Mess into magical exploration
  • Pressure into play
  • Meals into food adventures
  • Picky eater into food detective
  • Battlefield into laboratory
  • “Ew, this is yucky” into “Its not my favorite but I’m still exploring it.”

Food play ideas that grow healthy, confident kids


Learning about food can be fun. Discover how to make food exploration inexpensive and minimize waste.


Food play and learning is more than just cute cut-outs. Create amazing memories by nourishing their mind, body and relationships.


Kids are curious. Some just need a guide to get them started. See your kids’ confidence grow when they’re open to try new foods and experiences with you.

Hi, I’m Dani!

Say sayonara to stressful meals and hello to delicious fun when you transform your picky eater through the work of childhood, play!

You can foster a love of food by encouraging curiosity and building autonomy, through growing a wonder mindset. Help your kiddos feel confident around new foods by engaging inside and outside of the kitchen with play and STEAM activities. 

I’m an early childhood education advocate, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Mom of 3 little sous chefs and taste-testers in training.

As your Food Explorer Guide, let me help you grow confident, healthy adventurous eaters.

“So inspiring for families to make healthy food choices together! I love how she explains how to pick and prepare different types of produce too! It makes trying new things sound more exciting and less intimidating. She really makes food fun!”

– Samantha

Adventurous Eaters Vault


Swap picky eaters for playful adventurous eaters


Everyone can become an adventurous eater. Check out the Kid Food Explorers resources.


Take advantage of teaching in the moment, with activities led by your child. 

Let's go

Feel confident and prepared you’re growing an adventurous eater.

Make learning about food fun with creative food-play ideas, STEAM activities and
food-spiration for curious kids!

Learning about food is fun! Yes, it can get messy but aren’t the best adventures like that?

Okay, so the bottom line is that we want our kids to be confident and healthy. And this comes with helping them learn about the food on their plate – where it comes from, how it’s grown, how we prepare it and what sensory experiences it gives us.

But finding resources that can help us show this to our kids is hard. There’s more to developing a healthy relationship with food than cute-shaped veggies.

STEAM education

Kid Food Explorers focuses on educating our kids about food using science, technology, engineering, art, math, and sensory play. They learn about food from farm to fork. And learn words to describe the sensory experience of food so they know what to say when you ask them “but what don’t you like about it? Is it the flavor or texture?”

Keeping it fun for kids and simple for parents and educators.

Our Resources

With the Kid Food Explorers resources you’ll create amazing moments with your kids as you learn about foods and explore them together. Growing confident healthy kids who are adventurous eaters.