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🎁 Limited Edition Holiday Gift Bundles 🎁

Make fun food memories and nurture your child’s growing tastebuds this holiday season with our food exploration bundles!  

Available only for a short time – grab yours before they’re gone!


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Let’s Explore! Food Activity Bundle

Get your kiddos excited about food with our limited edition Kid Food Exploration Bundle!

This bundle includes everything your kids need to get started on their food exploration adventure and is the perfect gift for your little food explorer.  It’s a great, pressure-free tool for helping your kids feel more comfortable around new or unfamiliar foods during the holidays and beyond, making meal time more enjoyable and less stressful for the whole family!  (So it’s really a gift for you too!)

Limited time offer

Kids in the Kitchen Bundle

Spark curiosity in the kitchen and beyond with our Kids in the Kitchen Bundle!

This bundle comes loaded with an autographed hardcover copy of Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables and our limited edition Kid Food Explorer apron, perfect for all those hands-on food activities!

Together, you can learn about how each vegetable grows, investigate the unique varieties using your senses, discover the different ways they nourish our bodies, and so much more!

Then put on your Kid Food Explorer apron with all of our playful fruit and veggie characters and start exploring foods together in the kitchen as you test out the kid-friendly recipes from the book.  You’ll be cooking up fun food adventures in no time!


Get ready to embark on fun-filled food adventures!

Whether that’s putting on our Food Explorer hats and using our five senses to investigate broccoli or getting our hands dirty with jack-o’-lantern bird feeders, we’re here to make food fun!

We know amazing things can happen when we invite kids to experience food in playful and unexpected ways.  Our kid-friendly food education, children’s books, and interactive STEAM activities are designed to get kids excited about food and open their minds to endless food possibilities.

Ready to explore with us?!

Books and activities that help kids grow from the inside out

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Teaches food origins, biology, and nutrients

Shapes healthy relationships with food

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Nurtures individual preferences

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Fosters curiosity and independence

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Broadens the mind and makes food fun

where does broccoli come from


my vegetable adventures veggie exploration journal for kids


food explorer mat


dani of kid food explorers

We’re passionate about feeding little minds and tummies

Hey there!  I’m Dani, the mama and pediatric dietitian behind Kid Food Explorers.

Kid Food Explorers was born from my curious palate and  passion for food and nutrition education. As a dietitian, I know how important it is to help kids form positive eating habits as they grow.  But as a mom of three, I also know that getting kids interested in trying new foods can be a huge challenge for many families, mine included.  

I believe healthy kids are more than the foods they consume; raising healthy kids is about helping them develop a healthy relationship with food.

Our goal at Kid Food Explorers is to create memorable food experiences for kids that shape the foundation for a lifetime of happy and healthy eating. We believe that food should be fun! And it’s our mission to educate kids (and their grown-ups!) about food in a playful, hands-on, pressure-free way.

Enjoyed by kids, loved by parents


Tonight my 6 year old helped me cut bell peppers for dinner. I asked her if she was ready to taste one and she said no. I told her that was okay, because there’d be more opportunities to be a food explorer. And as soon as I said that she said, “Wait, I think I will try one.” And she ended up tasting all three colors… That’s a win in my book tonight! Thank you for the “food explorer” idea! It was that word that gave her the push she needed to step out of her comfort zone.



I wanted to share with you what a great win I had with my 5 year old and it’s all thanks to you! I asked if she wanted to be a food explorer with yellow bell peppers and she got so excited. I pulled out the vegetable journal and used all your tips to describe it using the 5 senses. She loved it so much she wanted to try a red bell pepper too! 



I have a very picky eater and your ideas and information have helped me kept going with exposures even if he doesn’t eat them. Plus I’ve learnt so much that I didn’t know about various foods!



I’ve learned a lot about feeding little ones through & it’s helped me let go of a lot of stress and pressure for meal time. 🙌🙌 


Learn about more than just food

Our books and activities teach kids so many essential skills, including:

kids book

Reading comprehension and vocabulary

kids rainbow

Colors, shapes, and textures

kids hand

Gross and fine motor skills

kids apple

Body chemistry and nutrients

kids beaker

Plant science and biology

kids blocks

Letters and numbers

kids magnifying glass

Sensory exploration

kids math

Basic math

Kid-friendly recipes, activities, food exploration, and more!

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