Let’s Play with Our Food: My Fruit and Veggie Coloring Book


Imagination and colorful fruit and veggie exploration collide with Let’s Play with Our Food coloring book. We’re making fruits and veggies more fun and approachable for your kiddos outside of meal times for kid food explorers aged 3 and up. This playful coloring book turns the table on common picky eating issues.

Whether it stands alone or pairs as a companion with Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables and Where Do Bananas Come From? A Book of Fruits, Let’s Play with Our Food kickstarts a color-filled journey towards encouraging kids to try new foods. Start Coloring Your Way to Help Kids Try New Foods Today!

Feeling at your wits’ end trying to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables to your child’s diet? You’re not alone. It can be a daily struggle trying to help your picky eater expand the variety of fruits and veggies they eat around the table. That’s where Let’s Play with Our Food comes in, designed to build confidence around fruits and vegetables outside of mealtime.

Inside, You’ll Discover:

  • Fruit and Veggie Characters: Build confidence in fruits and veggies with 52 pages of playful produce characters, ready to be brought to life with color.
  • Engaging Fun Facts: Each fruit and veggie comes with interesting facts to spark curiosity and discovery.
  • Food Explorer Connections: Kids can create and name their own Food Explorer characters, fostering a connection with the concept of food exploration and seeing themselves as adventurous food explorers.

This coloring book is a perfect way to keep your kiddos busy until it’s time to eat, with fun fruit or veggie character coloring pages that build excitement for taste-testing. Enhance mealtime anticipation by having your kids color a page of a fruit or vegetable you plan to serve. This playful interaction not only builds familiarity but also excitement about the foods they’re about to eat.

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Why It’s a Must-Have:

  • Builds confidence around a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without the pressure to taste-test.
  • Encourages creative expression and learning through play.
  • Perfect for families with multiple explorers, this printable digital resource allows you to print the pages as many times as you like for your family.

Ready to watch your kiddo get excited about fruits and veggies? Grab Let’s Play with Our Food today and help your picky eater try new foods by boosting their confidence one playful coloring page at a time. Together, let’s foster a generation of fearless food explorers!

Product Specifications:

  • Printable digital resource; 56 pages; for kids aged 3+.
  • Print single journal pages on 8.5×11 or make a small booklet by setting your printer to landscape orientation, print multiple pages per sheet, 2 by 1.
  • This printable digital resource allows you to print the pages as many times as you like for your family/single classroom, or print specific pages to revisit favorite activities.

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